2017 Summer TCA Tour – American Horror Story: Cult

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2017 Summer TCA Tour – American Horror Story: Cult

American Horror Story: Cult #AHSCult

Hello everyone, I decided to create a post with everything about American Horror Story: Cult ! You will find what you need to know: Photos, Spoilers, Casting News and more. I will try to update when we have more news.. GO !




  • American Horror Story: Cult will premiere on September 5 at 10 pm and will have 11 episodes !
  • Episode 1 begins at 2016 Election Night.
  • Have multiple locations in Brookfield Heights, Michigan.
  • A coffee shop or something like a restaurant called “The Butchery on Main”.
  • Cult is linked to FreakShow.
  • Evan Peters will play Kai.
  • Sarah Paulson will play Ally.
  • Spoiler Scene #1: We’ll have a crazy car chase at night (7×01)
  • Spoiler Scene #2: Police officer arrives and say to Sarah Paulson‘s character that this is a crime scene.. (7×01)
  • Spoiler Scene #3: A woman and a little boy running across the street by the ice cream truck. Then a loud scream behind the house.
  • Spoiler Scene #4: Billy Eichner is full of blood, Sarah Paulson and Alison Pill sees him. (7×03?)
  • Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer & Kathy Bates will NOT appear.

American-Horror-Story.net – Opening !

Hello everyone, i am happy to introduce you to your new source about FX’s American Horror Story. I am still working on everything on the site, looking for Elite Affiliates. You can access the Gallery to see all latest pics i added here ! Come back soon for more infos/photos…