Some of America Horrible haunted House

Well, by this time let us know some horrible haunted house in United States close quarters. I have to say the haunted houses is a staple of the American town. Behind these haunted houses and ghostly home are the unfortunate people who have been murdered, killed and become angry demons and ghosts. To understand these haunted houses, let you have the feeling of watching Hollywood horror movies.


Haunted House Show

House of Death in New York City

Another weird and horrible haunted house is located at Fifth Avenue in New York as the famous brownstone. We call it House of Death. Meanwhile, Mark Twain, the most famous writer, lived here since 1900 till 1901; in 1987, another miserable and scariest story is about six years old girl had beaten to death by her father, a criminal prosecutor named Joel Steinberg. Rumor from residents, they always see vision of a lady in white, and sightings of Twain and this young girl.

Bell Witch Farm in Adams

This is a old tale as a neighbors at war between a woman and her neighbor, this woman named Kate Batts. However she think her neighbor John Bell cheated her for some land. Before she dead, then she swore she will haunt John forever. Also the bizarre things was always happened after Kate cursed thought such as heard chain dragged across floors, strange animals on their farms, noises inside the wall. Whether you plan to feel these in real?

The Sallie House in Atchison City of Kansas

Legend has it that all the riots in one of America’s most disturbing haunted houses began with a little girl who died of appendectomy during a visit at the turn of the century. In the 1990s, a family living in Sallie family recorded their experiences on the television show Sightings, which focused on story of flying objects, frequent ghosts, scratching, pushing and gouging. The house is now empty, but it’s a popular choice for extraordinary researchers who have been asking if any other demons have moved in since.

LaLaurie House in New Orleans, LA

Kathy bates plays serial killer Madame Delphine LaLaurie and a socialite in real-life during the series of American Horror Story. She prepared a torture chamber for all slaves at the royal street mansion since 1831 to 1834. After a fire, her evil secret had disclosed. However the ghost house history never stop wealthy buyers. Remember actor Nicolas Cage owned this house before in 2009 losing this house to foreclosure. And now a wealthy oil tycoon has hold it as rumor.

House with Business

No matter normal house or haunted house, finally these are merely a ghost story by people’ rumor or legend. These house’s values have been raised after ghost stories. Actually this merely a advertisement and marketing means to attract more wealthy business man and actors to spend on it. As steel material of house frame is also raised its prices after these ghost story compared with steel material in normal commerce houses.

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