The layout of the C-profile steel

The layout of the C-profile steel device of the photovoltaic support should be simple and robust. The data of the photovoltaic array bracket of the manufacturing device should be able to withstand the corrosion and various corrosion of wind and rain. Electroplated aluminum profiles, galvanized steel and stainless steel are all ambitions. The quality of the welding manufacturing quality of the bracket must meet the requirements of the national standard “Quality Inspection Specification for Steel Layout Engineering Construction”. The array brackets are minimized in proportion to the needs of the depiction to facilitate transport and installation. In the construction process of the PV z section steel array base and bracket, damage to the associated buildings and subordinate equipment should be avoided as much as possible. If some damage is formed due to construction requirements, it should be corrected in time after the completion of construction.

When the photovoltaic array is to be installed on the roof, the pedestal embedded parts should be welded or joined to the steel bars in the roof main body. If the layout constraints cannot be welded or connected, the method should be adopted to increase the adhesion between the pedestal and the roof. And use wire tensioning method or bracket extension method to fix. After the pedestal is manufactured, it is necessary to waterproof or touch the roof according to the requirements of the National Code for Quality Inspection of Roofing Engineering to avoid the appearance of water seepage and leakage. The photovoltaic module frame and the photovoltaic bracket should be firmly connected to the grounding system.