Which Kind Of Chinese Moon-cake Is The Best?

Nowadays, not only Chinese people eat moon cakes in the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, but also foreigners like to eat moon cakes, and the bright moon cakes DIY attracts our eyes. Actually they made these moon cake by mould of moon cake, such as wooden cake mould, food grade steel-make moon-cake mould, plastic moon-cake mould and so on. So what kind of Chinese moon cakes is the best? Let’s have a look. Certainly, you may also eat the China traditional moon-cake when lay on the comfortable bed with high end bedding sets.

Good Mooncake recipes with super delicious taste

For the first time, I cook Chinese moon cakes for my family members on the party. If this moon cake is found in sediment. Well, it’s the moon cake. This moon cake is very delicious and popular! It’s delicious! Everyone has this month.

Mooncakes are a kind of Chinese pastry products. It is usually eaten on Mid-Autumn Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important festivals for Chinese people to celebrate, but what we are discussing today is this delicious,delicious again new art pastry!

Various of moon cakes

Yes, I like moon cakes, but not all of them. Sweet is my favorite. I ate a moon cake with spicy beef. It tasted terrible. So from then on, I insisted on eating sweet moon cakes. They were beautiful and delicious.

They have a lot of flavors, nuts or yolks, and now they even mix Western desserts in traditional Chinese baking methods, so you can see Tiramisu moon cakes, Macaron moon cakes and so on.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching right now. We can share our feelings and thoughts with our loved ones and send them this beautiful cake!