Nourishing the Stomach, We can Eat These Foods(II)

  1. Banana

Nowadays, our standard of living is improved. Everyone will buy fruit in their daily lives. Banana is a kind of food with moderate price and can nourishing the stomach. Because the fruit tastes soft, it can be swallowed easily by chewing. The pectin and lecithin in the banana participate in the protective barrier of the gastric mucosa, so that the gastric mucosal cells are protected from harmful factors such as stomach acid. Regarding bananas, what needs to be popular is that it is very effective in preventing stomach diseases.galvanized steel pipes

  1. Jujube

In the view of Chinese medicine, jujube is a kind of food and food homologous food, which has the function of tonifying the spleen and stomach. Jujube can be eaten raw or cooked in porridge. The reason why jujube can nourish the stomach is because jujube is rich in vitamin C and protein, especially protein can protect the stomach, protein plays a defensive role against helicobacter pylori, and reduces the damage of bacteria on the stomach wall cells.

Excluding these, we need notice these points if we want nourishing the stomach.

Firstly, we should eat less fried foods. Fried foods are not suitable for people with stomach problems. It is difficult to digest, and fried foods contain too much oil, which will increase the burden on the stomach and increase blood fat. For example, obese patients should avoid fried foods.

Secondly, do not eat more meals. It means that every meal should not be too full. Generally speaking, it is more suitable to eat 70% of the stomach, and every meal should be eaten at time.

Finally, you can’t eat cold food. People with stomach problems can’t eat cold food. When the season is cold, any food should be heated. You should drink more water, remember be sure to drink warm water.

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