Post-calamity treatment of photovoltaic power plants

Tremors frequently cause genuine setbacks, which can cause fires, floods, dangerous gas releases, the spread of microscopic organisms and radioactive materials, harm to structures, control and different offices, and may likewise cause auxiliary fiascos, for example, tidal waves,C section steel, avalanches, crumples, and ground gaps. At that point, in the tremor inclined regions, what ought to be focused on in the development, activity and upkeep and post-calamity treatment of photovoltaic power plants?

What to do when a photovoltaic power station experiences a seismic tremor?

1.When the sun based boards of the housetop photovoltaic power station are harmed in the quake and are heaped up with the rubble of the house, the sun may light up the board and may create power. On the off chance that it is moved by light with no security measures. There might be electric stun, and you should wear protected gloves, for example, dry wire gloves or elastic gloves;

What to do when a photovoltaic power station experiences a quake

2.Unplug or detach the associated link to de-empower the power station. Spread the board with a blue covering or cardboard, or spot the board face down to dodge presentation to daylight. In the event that conceivable, wrap the uncovered copper wire in the link segment with plastic tape or something like that.

3.Since the battery board is made out of semi-strengthened glass, battery unit, metal edge, straightforward tar, white pitch board, wiring material, sap box, and so forth., the harmed sun oriented board should be moved to the surrendered spot. For security reasons, it is utilized for wellbeing. The individual needs to crush the glass with a sledge.

The utilization of photovoltaic innovation after the earthquake:

Since the quake is exceptionally ruinous to the ground offices, after the seismic tremor, there will frequently be water and power disappointments and correspondence. Right now, little scale photovoltaic hardware can give some portion of the power supply for the post-hazardous situations, guaranteeing the smooth utilization of individuals’ correspondence and lighting gear. Moreover, it can assume a critical job in the post-debacle alleviation process.

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